Dr. Richard Winakur

Dr. Richard D. Winakur’s specialties include sports injuries and trauma, also general orthopaedic surgery with interest in the shoulder. He is the team physician for the McDonogh School.

This surgeon was submitted to G.O.S. by Denise Tiedemann. Denise commented in her entry:

Dr Winakur listens. He has an amazing understanding of what the knee, hip, and shoulder replacements mean to his patients who have been suffering for so long. He treats each patient individually and works out a plan with them. Age is not always a factor when considering if a patient really needs a replacement, he also takes into consideration the quality of life. He really is an outstanding surgeon. He has great results. I am one of them!

Denise Tiedemann

Richard D Winakur, M.D.

Dr. Richard D. Winakur’s specialties include sports injuries and trauma, also general orthopaedic surgery with interest in the shoulder. He is the team physician for the McDonogh School.

Dr. Winakur is a Board Certified Member of AAOS. Dr. Winakur received his B.A. with honors in Biology from Harvard University. He received his M.D. from the University of Maryland School of Medicine. His post-graduate orthopaedic surgical training was performed at the University of Maryland Hospital. Dr. Winakur was Fellowship-trained in sports medicine. Medical specialties include sports medicine, shoulder, hip and knee, joint replacement surgery, trauma and general orthopaedics.

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Dr. Henry Boucher

This surgeon was submitted to G.O.S. by Fern Parson-Hill. Fern commented in her entry:

Dr. Boucher recommended the best approach to my knee surgery. It was the best decision that I made. I can now do everything: exercise, bike, climb stairs, hike, and walk long distances without pain. I can even get up and down from the floor without difficulty.

Fern Parson-Hill

Henry Boucher, MD

Dr. Henry Boucher is fellowship-trained in joint replacement of the hip and knee. He sees patients in Bel Air, Lutherville, and in Baltimore at MedStar Union Memorial Hospital. Dr. Boucher specializes in primary, revision, and partial knee replacements, as well as primary (anterior, posterior, and anterolateral approaches) and revision hip replacement and hip resurfacing. Dr. Boucher also offers non-surgical stem cell treatments for degenerative diseases of the hip and knee.

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