A Bright Future After Total Knee Replacement

A Bright Future After Total Knee Replacement

by Mary Elliott (The Bee’s Kees Podcast)

On this episode, Nancy shares her remarkable recovery journey. Despite years of arthritis and chronic pain, Nancy found relief through treatments like gel injections and braces. The X10 machine played a crucial role in her recovery, strengthening her muscles and improving her comfort without worsening her knee pain. Nancy’s story is a testament to the power of a positive attitude and the support of medical professionals. I encourage listeners to take action and seek solutions to improve their lives.

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Nancy, a 77-year-old woman from northern Michigan, had been struggling with arthritis and chronic pain for years, making it difficult for her to be active. However, after working with an orthopedic surgeon and undergoing treatments such as gel injections and braces, Nancy experienced relief from her pain and regained her ability to be active. She had previously lost 100 pounds through water aerobics and mindful eating, but due to her pain, she gained it back. Now, Nancy is on a weight loss journey again and is grateful for her doctor and the X10 machine that has helped her regain her freedom. The X10 machine, which she used for 10 days prior to her surgery, strengthened her muscles and improved her overall comfort with her legs without worsening her knee pain.

Nancy Sarowski’s Recovery

Nancy’s success story is truly remarkable, as she not only regained her strength after knee replacement surgery but exceeded it by 46%. Her positive attitude, trust in her medical team, and the expertise of Dr. Ference and the advanced X10 machine all contributed to her success. Her TUG (Timed Up and Go) test results, which measure functionality, greatly improved, highlighting the effectiveness of her treatment. I express my happiness for Nancy and encourage listeners to take action and have faith in their ability to improve their lives.

Nancy on her Recovery

I emphasize the importance of support from others and gathering information to feel at ease and understand the reasons behind our actions. It’s crucial not to wait and seek solutions to alleviate pain and improve quality of life. I also share my positive hospital experience and the importance of maintaining progress after therapy through exercises such as using a stationary bike and going up and down stairs.

I had a positive experience with the X10 home health team as well. They greeted me shortly after my surgery, and being able to exercise at home three times a day with the X10 machine was incredibly convenient. I consider using the X10 machine and regaining mobility as my primary job during the initial weeks of recovery. I was able to track my progress and enjoyed seeing improvements. My X10 coach had to slow me down because I was eager to go faster than recommended. Tracking my own progress felt good, and doing the exercises three times a day was key.

In my own recovery, I started using a walker but soon switched to a cane to alleviate back pain. Despite a home nurse’s concern, my doctor gave me permission to use the cane as long as it didn’t cause any discomfort. I recently achieved a significant milestone by walking around for an hour and a half at Costco. My goal is to get back into gardening and golfing, and my physical therapist is assisting with exercises to regain strength. Overall, I am extremely grateful for the support and coordination throughout my recovery journey and feel blessed to have had such a positive experience.

Nancy had nothing but good things to say about her surgeon, Dr. Robert Ference.

I’ve had bone density tests in the past that show that I have the bones of a 25-year-old, so my bones are perfectly healthy.
So when I talked to the other surgeon in Traverse City, it was pretty clear that they were going to have to remove large areas of healthy bone, and it just didn’t make any sense to me. So a friend of ours heard that I was having this problem and he had this macoplasty that Dr. Ference did in Dearborn, Michigan. So he told me about it, and it just made all the sense to me in the world that they don’t cut the muscles, they don’t cut through the bone, and it’s a much less invasive surgery, and you are able to have full extension back and forward within a very short period.

So that’s why it was really the saving of the bone and saving of the muscle that It caused me to choose Dr. Ference. 

Dr. Robert Ference

Orthopaedic Surgeon

Dr. Ference is a board-certified orthopedic surgeon based out of Dearborn, Michigan. One of the most respected surgeons in the Midwest, Dr. Ference is a Fellow of the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons. Practicing orthopedic surgery since 2006, Dr. Robert Ference has a five-star rating from both Healthgrades and US News & World Report.

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