Dr. Sabrina Strickland (CONNECTICUT)

Dr. Strickland really cares about her patients & does everything she can to extend the health of knees & shoulders until a replacement surgery has to be done. After every Ortho Surgeon I saw in CT said my right shoulder had to be replaced when I was still in my late 40’s, Dr Strickland performed a procedure that allowed me to get 7 more productive years before there was no recourse medically but to replace it. 
Dr Strickland is also doing the same for my knees over the last 10-12 years. No total knee yet! 😀

Submitted by Stephen McDonough

How to reach Dr. Strickland

Dr. Sabrina Strickland is board certified in sports medicine and orthopedic surgery at HSS, where she specializes in patellofemoral surgery for instability, cartilage disease, ACL, meniscal surgery, and shoulder surgery. She completed her residency and fellowship in sports medicine at HSS after completing medical school at Rush in Chicago.

Prior to that, Dr. Strickland received her BA from Cornell University. Currently, Dr. Strickland is an associate professor of orthopedic surgery at Weill Cornell Medical College. She retired in 2012 from her part-time position as the Chief of Orthopedics at the VA after seven years of service.

Dr. Strickland is a member of the International Patellofemoral Study Group, the International Cartilage Repair Society, the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons, the American Orthopaedic Society for Sports Medicine, and the Arthroscopy Association of North America. Her research focuses on the knee joint, specifically cartilage transplants, patellofemoral arthritis and instability, and ACL and meniscal repair. She has published biomechanics research specifically looking at optimizing patellofemoral surgery by 3D printing knees as well as assessing techniques for better surgical outcomes. She regularly speaks at domestic and international conferences to share her expertise. Prior to pursuing her medical career, Dr. Strickland was a ski instructor during college at Stratton and spent a year skiing in Crested Butte, Colorado where she still has a home. She has three daughters, all of whom ski raced. One graduated from Hotchkiss and began attending Boston College in the Fall of 2022, one graduated from Berkshire and now attends Cornell, and a third is in her junior year at Cornell. In her spare time, Dr. Strickland enjoys skiing, hiking near her home in Salisbury, Connecticut, and paddle boarding on Twin Lakes.

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