Great Orthopedic Surgeons

Surgeon’s Who Make a Difference

This is the place where we share patient opinions on their favorite orthopedic surgeons. It is a good news website where we describe what we love about our favorite ortho’s.

We’re here to celebrate. To thank. To acknowledge the talents and skills of the surgeons who put us back together and get us back in the game.

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Dr. Eddie El Yussif

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Dr. Aman Dua

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Dr. Richard Winakur

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Dr. Andrew Wassef

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Dr. John D. McCallum

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Dr. Sabrina Strickland

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Dr. Todd Frush

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We want to hear all about your experiences. What made your surgery a success. How your surgeon contributed to the process of preparing for and recovery from an orthopedic procedure. To see surgeons in your area you can Search by State. The listing is updated quarterly. Click here to submit your surgeon.


These surgeons were all recommended to us by their patients. You can add your surgeon here: ADD A SURGEON.

For each surgeon, you will find a short summary of their practices and a link to their website. Even if your surgeon is already here, do not hesitate to create your own personal description of how the surgeon helped you. This is not intended to be a credentials resource, rather we want to hear what regular people have to say about excellent surgeons.

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FIRST HEALTH PT – Questions Answered
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Noah Hyman and First Health PT in New York have built an astounding resource for us all.

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KNEE RADIO 1 – 24/7 Radio Station for Knee Patients
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Surgeon interviews. Physical Therapists. Shows for Patella Fractures, Knee Replacement, Bilateral TKA, ACL repairs.

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Dr. Robert Ference – Knee Revision Specialist
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Dr. Ference (Dearborn, MI) specializes in fixing surgeries that have gone wrong.

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A free email series for knee patients.

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