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Dr. Robert Ference

This surgeon was submitted to G.O.S. by Alicia Walker. Alicia commented in her entry:

Dr Ference is so knowledgeable and you can ask any questions, he doesn’t think there are dumb. He explained the problem with my knee, the solutions, temporary and permanent and explained the procedure you pick. He also did my mom and my grandma when she was in her 80’s and she was very happy and hated she waited.

Alicia Walker

Robert Ference, MD

Dr. Robert Ference, M.D. is certified by the American Board of Orthopaedic Surgery who practices in SouthEast Michigan.

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Dr. John D. McCallum

Dr. McCallum specializes in knee problems including arthritic and sports related injuries.

This surgeon was submitted to G.O.S. by Patricia Mastriano. Patricia commented in her entry:

I had both knees replaced one year apart. CT Ortho has a surgery suite on-site, hospitals are for sick people, I went in at 6:am and was home by noon. My surgeries were perfect, I followed my PT and three months later I was on a trip to Alaska with my first knee surgery and on an island cruise three months after my second. The entire group is top-notch and I was treated with care by each and every one of them.

Patricia Mastriano

John D. McCallum, MD

Dr. John McCallum is a board-certified orthopaedic surgeon and the Medical Director of the Connecticut Orthopaedic Institute at MidState Medical Center program.

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